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The Officers
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Officers and Gentlemen of The Queen's Body Guard

"There are no bad Regiments, there are only bad Officers" - Field Marshal Lord Slim.

"Officers are a reflection of their men, more restrained because their training is more complex, more resourceful because they have more responsibility, but the same fears are a little deeper buried in them, the same longings are more tightly locked in their hearts"  From The Moon is Down - John Steinbeck.

"The bravery and leadership of a good Officer will be talked about in the Mess for decades; ironically, so will the antics of a poor one"  Anon.

The Body Guard has had its fair share of Officers, not all commissioned, and you will find every one of their names within these pages.

Some Officers were famous ie Sir Walter Raleigh (Captain of The Body Guard) and some infamous ie Thomas Percy (Gentleman Pensioner and Gun Powder Plot Conspirator), but all played their part to make The Body Guard what it is in history. 

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