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The Queen acts as host to Heads of State when they pay formal visits to Britain. There are usually two incoming State Visits each year.  Invitations are sent on the advice of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.  Each visit lasts from a Tuesday to a Friday, and the visiting Head of State stays either at Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle or, occasionally, The Palace of Holyrood House in Edinburgh.  During the visit, the Head of State will meet the Prime Minister, government ministers, leaders of the political parties, heads of diplomatic missions in London and leaders of commerce and industry. The Head of State will attend a State Banquet in his or her honour, and host a banquet in turn. One day is spent by the visiting Head of State outside London or Edinburgh, visiting places or organisations of interest so that they can see various aspects of British life.  Even when Heads of State visit Britain less formally, they are nearly always entertained or received by The Queen.  (This page is to be expanded to detail the Body Guard's involvement).

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