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The Great Seals
The principle Seal of a nation.  Used to authenticate signatures and documents of the highest importance. Below are examples of Great Seals of England, most have the reverse and obverse aspects.

The Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain (Lord Chancellor) and in former times Chancellor of England, is one of the most senior and important functionaries in the government and custodian of The Great Seal.  He is the sixth senior in rank of the Great Officers of State, and is appointed by the Sovereign on the advice of the Prime Minister. He is by convention, always a peer, although there is no legal impediment to the appointment of a commoner. The Lord Chancellor's responsibilities are wide-ranging: they include presiding over the House of Lords, participating in the Cabinet and heading the judiciary.

Seal of Alfric, Earl of Mercia

King Alfred's Jewel

Great Seals of Edward the Confessor

Great Seal of William the Conqueror

Great Seal of William Rufus

Seal of Milo Fitz-Walter, Constable of England under Henry I

Great Seal of Henry I

Great Seal of Stephen

Seal of Richard, Constable of Chester in the time of Stephen

Great Seal of Henry II

Great Seal of Richard I

Great Seal of King John

Seal of King John to the Agreement with the Barons

Conventual Seal of Rochester

Great Seal of Henry III

Great Seal of Edward I

Great Seal of Edward II

Great Seal of Edward III

Great Seal of Richard II

Great Seal of Henry IV

Great Seal of Henry V

Great Seal of Henry VI

Great Seal of Edward IV

Great Seal of Richard III

Great Seal of Henry VII

Great Seal of Henry VIII

Great Seal of Edward VI

Great Seal of Mary I

Great Seal of Elizabeth I

Great Seal of James I

Great Seal of Charles I

Great Seal of the Commonwealth

Cromwell's Great Seal for Scotland

Great Seal of Richard Cromwell

Great Seal of Charles II

Great Seal of James II

Great Seal of William and Mary

Great Seal of William III

Great Seal of Anne (before the Union with Scotland)

Great Seal of Anne (after the Union of England and Scotland)

Great Seal of George I

Great Seal of George II
Seal of the Royal Society

The Monarchs  Monarch Biographies

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