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The Officer below the rank of Lieutenant is the Clerk of the Cheque and Adjutant, although until 1 Aug 1927 it was the appointment of Ensign that was the rank after Lieutenant.  His Majesty King George V commanded that the rank of Clerk of the Cheque, being of greater authority than that of Ensign, became senior to it.  Clerk of the Cheque is the oldest paid officer in the Corps and the post is extremely ancient.  Long before the formation of The Guard the office of Clerk of the Cheque was usual in the royal households and also in the establishments of the highest of the nobility.  His duty was to keep the checkroll or “checker-roll”, which was a book containing the names of the household servants.  In an old dictionary he is described as “an officer who has the check and controlment of the Yeomen of the Guard and all the Ushers belonging to the Royal family”.  He never was the paymaster of the Corps and had nothing do with “cheques” in the modern meaning of that word.  He was and is to all interest and purpose the Adjutant and secretary of the Guard, residing in the Palace, keeping the Order Book, attending all parades, and preparing the quarterly statements.  It was customary at coronations to knight the Clerk of the Cheque.  Sir Francis Clarke, who filled the office in 1712, was knighted on the coronation of George I, on 20 October, 1714.  Several subsequent Clerks of the Cheque were also similarly honoured, but Coles Child, who held the appointment in the reigns of George III, and George IV, was several times offered the distinction, but, on account of his retiring habits he could not be prevailed upon to accept it.

The silver-topped ebony baton was not carried by the Clerk of the Cheque till 1787, when one was given to Francis Barker Esq, of the Exons, on his promotion, by order dated 5 July 1787. The present regulations require that before appointment the Clerk of the Cheque must have held a commission as a lieutenant-colonel or major in the regular army or in the marines or Indian army. Until Charles II, re-organised the Guard in 1660, the salary of the Clerk of the Cheque was 2s 6d per day, with fees, residence, and table-money.

Roll of the Clerk of the Cheque and Adjutant

Roll of the Clerk of the Cheque and Adjutant

Edited from The King's Body Guard 1485 - 1904 (by Col Sir Reginald Hennell Kt, DSO)
and compared
with Dalton's "List of Officers of Army, 1600 and Upwards".

1 1513 Bernard Gréte Referred to as "Late Clerk of the Cheque at Tournai" where the Guard formed the garrison 12 Aug 1520.
2 1532 Griffith Reede Oct 1532.
3 1533 Robert Dellwood Grant Oct 1533. Died 23 Oct 1540.
4 1540 John Piers ---
5 1558 Robert Percy Esq Clerk of the Cheque at Elizabeth I accession.
6 1594 Edward Wingate Warrant for uniform 22 Aug 1594.
7 1595 Robert Seale Esq Warrant for uniform July 1595.
8 1597 Edward Wingate Esq Warrant for uniform Aug 1597.
9 1603 Robert Seale Esq Warrants for uniforms.
10 1609 Thomas Elston Sep 1609. Warrant for uniform.
11 1617 Robert Cocke Esq Knighted between 1618-25.
12 1660 Thomas Edwards Esq Mentioned in warrant
13 1660 Richard Smith Esq Warrants for uniforms in 1660, 1669 and 1678.
14 1680 John Charles Villiers Esq Sworn 6 May 1680. Thomas Colman, his deputy (first mention of a deputy). Warrant to swear in John Villiers as
Clerk of the Cheque 12 Apr 1689 but as next warrant reverts to Charles, there is evidently a mistake or he has
two christian names, John Charles.
15 1690 Samuel Clerk Esq Warrant of appointment 2 Jul 1690 vice Villiers.
16 1691 Richard Morton Esq Warrant of appointment 3 May 1691 vice Samuel Clerk.
17 1702 Charles Hanbury Esq Sworn in 8 Jan 1702.
18 1708 Charles Hanbury Esq Jnr Sworn in 3 Feb 1708 vice Charles Hanbury.
19 1712 Francis Clarke Esq Sworn 20 Jan 1712 vice  Charles Hanbury Jnr. Knighted and re-sworn 11 Oct 1714 at Coronation of George I.
20 1715 William Wood Esq Sworn in 17 Feb 1715 vice Clarke.
21 1722 Edward Stanley Esq Sworn in 31 Jan 1722 vice Wood.
22 1738 Savile Cust Esq Sworn in 23 Jun 1738 vice Edward Stanley.
23 1747 Savile Cockayne Cust Mentioned from 1747-59, also in 1762. Held Ensigncy in 1746.
24 ** Francis Dawes Esq Deputy Clerk of the Cheque to Cust.
25 1772 Hugh Boscawen Esq Sworn in 7 Feb 1772.
26 1776 Thomas Gregg Esq Sworn in 26 Jul 1776.
27 1787 Francis Baker Esq Sworn in 5 Jul 1787.
28 1799 Coles Child Esq Sworn in 16 Jul 1799.
29 1815 John Allen Esq Sworn in 23 May 1815.
30 1826 RF Fitzherbert Esq Sworn in 16 Aug 1826.
31 1831 Robert Fielding Esq Mentioned at the Coronation of William IV in 1831.
32 1835 Jonathan Ellenthorpe Esq Sworn in 15 Dec 1835. Died as Clerk of the Cheque 3 Feb 1847.
33 1847 Lt Col Jno Fitzmaurice Sworn in 22 Apr 1847. Major unattached.  Thomas Davis was  Deputy at the 1859 Muster (from the 1881 census)
34 1862 Lt Col W Griffen Sutton Sworn in 9 Jan 1862.
35 1884 Lt Col Francis Baring Sworn in 27 Nov 1884. Late Scots Fusilier Guards.
36 1895 Col Reginald Hennell DSO Sworn 22 Apr 1895 vice Baring. Promoted Lieutenant 11 Nov 1901. Awarded CVO 1910. Knighted 1911. Awarded OBE 1919.
37 1901 Maj Edmund Halbert Elliot MVO Sworn in 14 Dec 1901 vice Col Reginald Hennell DSO. Royal Artillery. Awarded MVO 15 Jul 1907. Promoted Ensign 28 Feb 1908. Knighted 1911.
38 1908 Capt Houston French Late 2 Life Guards. Awarded MVO 1911. Awarded CVO 1920. Promoted to Lieutenant 28 Jul 1925. Knighted 3 Jul 1926. Died 11 Jun 1932.
39 1925 Brig John Cecil Wray MVO Promoted from 28 Jul 1925. CVO confirmed 3 Jun 1927. Resigned Feb 1937.
40 1937 Brig Robert Chaine Alexander McCalmont CVO DSO Promoted to Clerk of the Cheque & Adjutant Feb 1937. Awarded CVO May 1937 (Coronation). Promoted Lieutenant 31 Aug 1945.
41 1945 Maj Hon Edwin Alfred Cecil Weld-Forester Late The Rifle Brigade. 
42 1950 Lt Col Ralph Charles Bingham Appointed Exon 1937. Former Coldstream Guards. Retired 1955. Died Jan 1977.
43 1955 Lt Col Victor Buller Turner VC Promoted Clerk of the Cheque & Adjutant 1955. Awarded VC in Western Desert following heroic action 1942.
44 1967 Lt Col JD Hornung OBE MC Promoted Clerk of the Cheque & Adjutant 1967. Promoted Lieutenant 10 Mar 1971 vice Brigadier Carr. Died 1978.
45 1971 Col Hugh T Brassey OBE MC Appointed 10 Mar 1971. See link.
46 1979 Col Alan Brooke Pemberton MBE Promoted Clerk of the Cheque & Adjutant 1 Apr 1979. Appointed Lieutenant 5 Oct 1985 vice Col Brassey. Died 1 Apr 2010.
47 1985

Maj Bruce Middleton Hope Shand MC and Bar

Promoted Clerk of the Cheque & Adjutant vice Col Pemberton 5 Oct 1985. Died 11 Jun 2006.
48 1987 Col Greville Wyndham Tufnell Promoted Clerk of the Cheque & Adjutant vice Maj Bruce Shand mc 22 Jan 1987. Promoted Lieutenant vice Col Alan Pemberton cvo mbe 11 Sep 1993. Relinquished appointment 7 Apr 2002. 

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